Free SEO Tool Ranks Your Website Against Competitors

reviewmyweb_logoI get a lot of emails asking me to post, discuss or review a service and rarely have I found one worth sharing. This is one of those rare moments. Sam Cabal asked me to take a look at his free search engine optimization (SEO) tool called that provides a fairly detailed report of how well your website ranks against your competition. Simply submit your website URL, along with up to two of your competitors, and within minutes a report is emailed back to you. It takes into account Google page ranks, backlinks coverage, site content, and blog coverage. I just tried it and found it very impressive. So much so, I’ve just sent a copy of my report to my Senior Web Developer as we’re in the midst of optimizing our new PEER 1 website which went live a few days ago. This is a handy tool for web marketers that I encourage you to try out… and the price is right. Sam, thanks for sharing and good luck.


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13 responses to “Free SEO Tool Ranks Your Website Against Competitors

  1. Nice sharing. Currently I’m looking for free seo tools that i can share with my friends and my blog readers. Anyway thanks for the info.

  2. $72,506.04 a Year Without a Product

  3. I have been in the Online Marketing field, and I have not yet heard of this tool. I wish I could read more, but I am going to check this out first.

  4. I just used this tool. They email the reults to you rather quickly, seems to be pretty accurate.

  5. yet another SEO tool to collect.. great guy like Sam is pushing himself to give the user a new experience in analyzing seo competition using this tool..

  6. sh3rbie18

    thanks for the info ..

  7. Thanks for giving information about new tool. I am in search of good SEO tools which are free, if you have any list then please list it in your article or mail me if possible.

  8. Thanks for the info. Here is another free tool; CommentKahuna is a free linkbuilding tool using blog comments.

    It searches related blogs relevant to your keyword. With your profile prepared you can easily post comments and do your linkbuilding. Since most blog comments are moderated, you want to make sure that you comment is usefull. This way you can make nice relavant one-way-links. You can also exclude from your selection all no-follow blogs. This one is highly recommended.

  9. Ya…He is right these tools seem quite accurate.
    web marketing specialist

  10. Useful seo tool….just now i tried with my site…waiting for the reply….thnx

  11. Capt Vlad Nikolskiy

    thank you for nice on-line tool.
    I just like to give you one more link – a lot of free SEO tools @
    All the best!

  12. cbomarketing

    Ya , i have used these tools for my seo stuff and not completely but can say satisfactory tools are these.

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