Exactfactor, Another Cool Free SEO Tool

exactfactorIdan Factor of Exactfactor sent me their cool free SEO tool that his company offers. I’ve tested it out and found it to be easy to use and more importantly, useful in checking your position in search engines against your competitors. You can also get regular email alerts and weekly reports. There is a full online presentation on the service that you can review. Very nice! Have a try and see for yourself. Thanks for sharing, Idan.


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7 responses to “Exactfactor, Another Cool Free SEO Tool

  1. I’ve checked that tool, Rajan. It’s really useful. I like the email alert feature. Seems to be useful.

  2. Bruno

    Descubra como fazer para tirar todas as duvidas sobre abertura de empresa

  3. Yes, I also like your post. I have found a cool new website that is about to launch (free for a short time). It has reports, free SEO tools, SEO tips, worksheets and all kinds of helpful SEO training for members. Really good information that might help you with a system for simple SEO tips free SEO tools and stuff.

  4. Seems like an awesome tool. Wish I had more time to play with it. I will definitely have to go back and look again. It just may be a keeper!


  5. sunkist219

    I just signed up for this tool and it seems very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
    ~New York CIty Insurance.

  6. Awesome tool! I like that it’s free…I can’t figure out how they are making any money. Seems to have pretty accurate results, it will be great to track the results over time. Especially useful for showing SEO clients their progress.

  7. A very awesome tool. On checking their features, it seems very cool. I have signed in for a free account at the moment for testing it. Thanks for sharing the info.

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