What is Social Media? Find the F**K Out Here

One of the best and funniest explanations of what social media is in the slideshow below. If you’re not quite sure still what this umbrella term means or what impact it can have on your business, then do yourself a favor, and watch. Thanks for sharing Lance!


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4 responses to “What is Social Media? Find the F**K Out Here

  1. Despite the profanity, there is a lot of good advice here on Social Media, I think when speaking with a company who you feel should embrace Social Media, the line, ‘Your Competitors are already on there’ – should be more than enough to convince someone.

  2. This could be a great item to pass onto my members seeing as I’m encouraging them to use social media. Is it OK if I pass on the url?

  3. Hey – very insightful and witty commentary on social media. Loved the stats.

    And – as a very tactical comment – I’d drop the “trying too hard to be cool” approach with the profanity every few slides. I’ll not share this with anyone because of it’s lack of ingenuity in that area. It’s hard work to be funny – try a ver 2.0 sometime that’s more pass-along-able.

    (and – with all the commentary in there about how important “listening” is in social media – hope you’re not deaf to a solid suggestion that could make your content more forwardable)

    Notwithstanding the critique – cool look, good stats, thanks for putting it together.

    – Kent

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback. Just to be clear, I did not write or put together this presentation. It was shared with me and I quite liked it… so much so, I embedded it here to share with all of you. The original link can be found here:

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