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Telly Awards for Our Online Videos

PEER 1 Receives Four Telly AwardsIn past posts, I’ve profiled some of the online video work we’ve been doing at PEER 1 to promote the company’s web hosting services. A press release went out yesterday to announce that two of our videos, Growing Pains and Customer Story received four Telly Awards for originality and creativity. We’ve had a lot of fun putting these videos together and it’s nice to see them get some recognition. Special thanks go out to Talkie21 Studios and OnDemand Production for their excellent work on these projects.

Videos Below:


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Vonage Proves People are Switching to VoIP

Here’s another Customer Story video we released on Vonage and their cool and practical V-Phone. We filmed this at their location in Mississauga, ON this past Fall. Andrew Peart, Manager of Network Services for the company talks about the explosive growth of their broadband telephone services (VoIP) and the over 2 million subscriber lines they currently have… a strong indication of the increasing number of consumers who are willing to replace their traditional phone services with affordable and flexible VoIP technology.


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Getting IT with New Web Campaign

we get IT logoWe’ve officially announced our new “we get IT” campaign at PEER 1 through this press release today. My team and I designed this campaign as way of telling our customers’ business story, and how hosting has played a critical role in doing what they do. So far, we’ve launched three video stories: (no.1 free online dating site), Vonage (leading broadband telephone provider) and Blast Radius (interactive design agency for fortune 500’s). This blends with my strong belief in making the customer the star, and allows us to keep the campaign as fresh as the individuals we profile. People are doing some very unique and innovative things online, so there is no shortage of content and intrigue. We’ve adopted a casual interview style with the segments hosted by former MTV VJ Brian Adler, who helps by injecting some humor and taking some of the mystery out of technology so that anyone can understand it. The other part of this campaign was a trial piece we launched on social media sites called “Growing Pains” which tells the story of a guy named Todd who brings home a server to start his own online business. “This is going to grow into something beautiful,” he exclaims. He’s right. Well, sort of. Things do grow… but just a little out of control. A fun (yet experimental) piece that we launched on October 19th and has since received over 34,000 views and over 500 entries into our free managed hosting contest. The next segment is in the works.


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See What a Google Adsense Millionaire Looks Like

We just launched our second customer story video which profile’s local wonder kid, Markus Frind, founder of the No. 1 free online dating site, Markus started a homegrown programming project to learn .asp and later morphed it into POF. The site now averages 1.4 million visitors daily and millions of dollars in revenue thanks to the Google ads he runs on the site. This is an extraordinary story of a one-man operation who is now taking on the likes of Lavalife and head on. Watch here


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Markus Frind of

Some photos from our video shoot last Friday of Markus Frind, founder of the No.1 free online dating site Markus is being featured in a new series of PEER 1 customer stories we’re launching shortly. We’ve also brought in former MTV VJ, Brian Adler to host the short segments. Markus was recently featured in a Today Show segment. Stay tuned.

Brian Adler chats with Markus Frind Brian Adler chats with Markus Frind Brian Adler and Markus Frind at SIP

pof_peer1_video_f.jpg pof_peer1_video_b.jpg pof_peer1_video_g.jpg

UPDATE: Here is the final video with Markus. He offers up a peek into how he runs his one-man million dollar operation. Hope you enjoy!


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