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Free SEO Tool Ranks Your Website Against Competitors

reviewmyweb_logoI get a lot of emails asking me to post, discuss or review a service and rarely have I found one worth sharing. This is one of those rare moments. Sam Cabal asked me to take a look at his free search engine optimization (SEO) tool called that provides a fairly detailed report of how well your website ranks against your competition. Simply submit your website URL, along with up to two of your competitors, and within minutes a report is emailed back to you. It takes into account Google page ranks, backlinks coverage, site content, and blog coverage. I just tried it and found it very impressive. So much so, I’ve just sent a copy of my report to my Senior Web Developer as we’re in the midst of optimizing our new PEER 1 website which went live a few days ago. This is a handy tool for web marketers that I encourage you to try out… and the price is right. Sam, thanks for sharing and good luck.


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Interview with iPod and iPhone Marketing Guru


John Fortt at Fortune interviews Apple’s marketing lead for two of its most popular products, the iPhone and iPod, Greg Joswiak. Greg is credited for pushing for the 14-inch iBook despite Steve Job’s misgivings. The product has since turned into one of Apple’s best sellers. I wonder if he had any say in the terrible design of the In-Ear iPod Headphones? Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of Apple products and their marketing.

For a long time you managed Apple’s Mac laptop business, which is also going gangbusters these days, and I know you were really involved in discussions about how those products were designed and positioned in the product family. How was that job different from managing the iPod and iPhone?

First of all I manage product marketing and product management — I don’t actually own the engineering. But we work very closely with them, as you know, on the features we create and what the product’s going to be about. I look in a lot of ways at some of the similarities.

The first similarity you’ve heard me talk about before: Apple is in a pretty unique position because we’re a world-class hardware designer and a world-class software designer. It’s rare enough to be on one of those lists, and we’re the only company I can think of that’s on both of those lists. So whenever we design a product, we try to take advantage of that capability that we have, to engineer the hardware and the software together so we can take full advantage of each.

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MySpace Hypertargeting vs Facebook Beacon

Dave Rosenberg compares new features for advertisers on MySpace and Facebook in reaching targeted members through behavioral patterns and interests. For an advertiser, this is very attractive, giving them the greatest chance to ensure their ad resonates and is relevant. To the user, it can feel very intrusive. Concerns of privacy will no doubt creep up. However, this is what members knowingly or unknowingly give up when they sign up for many of the free services they enjoy online like MySpace and Facebook. At Adtech New York, this topic came up a lot with many vendors reassuring the audience that no personal contact information is ever passed on to advertisers, and only behavioral patterns and interests (ie. jazz music) are used to help advertisers reach their audience. The profile info is completely anonymous and treated as some innocuous serial number that no one could ever decipher. Comforting? Maybe for some, but this will continually grow into a hot topic as more sites find creative ways to satisfy the demands of advertisers who provide the revenue streams to make these sites available.

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No-frill Chic Hotels Deliver A Good Night Sleep

It’s nice to see the hotel industry innovating to respond better to the marketplace, particularly the business traveler. Martina sent me this post on Relactions outlining a new wave of affordable “no-frill chic” hotels being launched that provide safe, comfortable and clean hotels that appeal to the traveler on the move who values this over space and amenities. Some examples include Yotel,, CitizenM, and the highly anticipated Aloft. This is a great trend that seems to have already taken off in Europe and will soon spread across North America. Westin’s launch of heavenly beds and showers a decade ago has spawned some much needed energy in the placid hotel industry – guests value a good night sleep and a relaxing shower over room service and flat screens, go figure.

This latest trend builds off the same principles, while removing the nice-to-haves to keep prices in check. We’re also seeing a boon in the opposite side of the spectrum – small, boutique hotels that are able to cater more nimbly to their guest’s every need and are able to charge higher prices to do so, even when competing with the big chains. I can see myself being a customer of both, one for business and the other for pleasure.


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Create a Landing Page That Works

Informative article written by Michael Fleischner at MarketingProfs on the value of designing a good landing (or jump) page, that will convert your traffic from search engines into leads and purchases. He provides seven steps to creating such a page:

  1. Big, Bold, Relevant Headline
  2. Use Visuals
  3. Testimonials
  4. Provide Something Free
  5. Limited Offers
  6. Offer Multiple Payment Options
  7. Test

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BIG Marketing Appears on the Big List

This blog has been selected for inclusion on TopRank’s Big List of best search marketing blogs. I’m very flattered. The list features over 350 blogs covering various online marketing and social media topics, and is managed by the search marketing team at TopRank. The list is updated weekly. Thanks Lee!


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The Future of YouTube? Ask a 17-Year Old

Want to know what the future of YouTube and Facebook is? Ask a 17-year old. Catherine Cook, the teen co-founder of growing site shared her vision of media and social networking, and believes the future of Internet programming and new media will spawn from the existing infrastructure of YouTube and Facebook. Good content will always be king, and as the net continues to mature, users want better filters and mediums to source that content. Read more

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