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Marketing Metrics: Measuring Events over Page Views

Insightful post from Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion who questions the value of popular online marketing metrics “page views”, “unique visitors” and “time spent” – all metrics I currently use to measure our sites. The questions he raise are the same questions I continually ask myself when reviewing these stats – particularly how valuable a page view metric really is? We’ve done campaigns which have spiked our traffic but had little impact on quote requests coming through our sites, which is a metric I use to measure how effective our traffic is. Sites that use Ajax and Flash and that are highly interactive and could be delivering a better and more engaging user experience, don’t even show up as a page view. Steve mentions how Google Analytics (available for free btw, like you don’t already know) delivers a metric around events which measure the amount of interaction a user has within a page. As a marketer, this is more meaningful. High, meaningless traffic is useless for a business selling products and services to a targeted audience. Gaining a better understanding on how interested visitors engage with my sites, is much more meaningful. You can read more at Steve’s site.

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Yahoo! Launches New Search Features

Yahoo! New Search Features

Paul La Monica at Media Biz writes about the new search features at Yahoo! Now, like Google, searches will integrate video, images and audio in a single search. More interesting is their new Yahoo! Search Assist box that provides related search items to the keyword entered. Read more

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Backlink Watch Reveals Links to Your Site

Backlink Logo

A neat site I’ve come across called Backlink Watch. Type in your site or blog URL, and it will give you a list of all sites linking back to yours. Back-linking is one of the primary influencers on search page rankings in Google. Check it out and see how your site stacks up.


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Create a Landing Page That Works

Informative article written by Michael Fleischner at MarketingProfs on the value of designing a good landing (or jump) page, that will convert your traffic from search engines into leads and purchases. He provides seven steps to creating such a page:

  1. Big, Bold, Relevant Headline
  2. Use Visuals
  3. Testimonials
  4. Provide Something Free
  5. Limited Offers
  6. Offer Multiple Payment Options
  7. Test

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BIG Marketing Appears on the Big List

This blog has been selected for inclusion on TopRank’s Big List of best search marketing blogs. I’m very flattered. The list features over 350 blogs covering various online marketing and social media topics, and is managed by the search marketing team at TopRank. The list is updated weekly. Thanks Lee!


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Plenty of Fish Founder Rakes in Google Ad Dough

Markus FrindVancouver, Canada-based Markus Frind, founder of the popular free dating site was featured in a humorous and inspiring segment on NBC’s Today Show. POF has grown into the No.1 dating site in both Canada and the UK, and just recently became the No.3 site in the United States, closing in on He is a single-person operation working out of his apartment that charges nothing for users to sign up and use the site. Instead, he collects million dollar checks from running Google advertising on POF. Watch here

UPDATE: Watch Markus in this video below which provides insight into how he runs his one-man million dollar operation.


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The Dark Side of Blogging

Darth VaderWe’ve all heard about the benefits of blogging: transparent communication, search engine rankings, community, etc. Michael A. Stelzner on Marketingprofs uncovers the darker side of blogging:

There’s no question that the blogosphere is on fire. As the flames spread faster than anyone could have imagined, a virtual state of pandemonium has resulted. Many businesses and individuals have leaped blindly into the blog pool. Countless bloggers have found the water a bit too chilly and have abandoned blogging altogether. Still others are barely keeping their heads above water as they grapple with the challenges of blogging.

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