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Use WordPress for Your Website, Not Just Your Blog

wordpress-logoGreat post written on the value of using the free WordPress platform not just as a blog, but as a website. I’ve talked to many startups and small business owners that don’t have a website to just use WordPress for their site. So many advantages including the fact you can get something up in minutes! But, more importantly, there is so much functionality and control built into WordPress, along with it being very search-engine friendly, that it can’t be ignored. Here is an excerpt from the post “Why Settle for a Blog When You Can Have a Blogsite“:

Blogging tools have evolved significantly due to the tremendous popularity of blogging in general. Because of this evolution blog software has actually become one of the best ways for small businesses to easily build feature rich, simple to edit, search engine friendly web sites.

I would urge anyone without a web site or with a boring static brochure site to take a good hard look at free piece of software called WordPress. The current version of the software can be downloaded from WordPress.org (They have a hosted blog version at WordPress.com but you want the download from the .org site.)

You can use this software to create your entire website whether you have or want a blog or not. (But, of course you need a blog too.) One of the best functions of this set-up is that anyone in your organization with the proper login permission can update and edit the site including adding pages, text and images without any knowledge of HTML or web design software such as Dreamweaver.

On of the core elements of WordPress is something called a theme. This is essentially the design template that controls the look and feel of all of the pages throughout the site. There are lots of places you can get pre-designed templates for blogs, but recently designers have started creating themes for the type of web site implementation I’m talking about in this article. Using these themes your web site looks like, well, a web site, instead of a blog.

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Off Topic: 2009 Audi A4… Stunning!

I think I’m in love. The newly re-designed 2009 Audi A4 is coming to North America in September. Can’t wait to see those beaded headlights face-to-face.


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PEER 1 Launches New Brand Building Campaign

[blip.tv ?posts_id=337758&dest=-1]

We’re launching a new brand building campaign this week at PEER 1. The campaign is called “we get IT”, and features a broad range of customers doing cool and innovative things online, while leveraging PEER 1’s IT infrastructure. The first video in the series profiles Vancouver-based interactive marketing and design agency Blast Radius, who co-locates their servers in our Vancouver data center. The shoot took a full day and about three weeks in post-production. Next up is free dating site Plenty of Fish which is currently in post-production, followed by leading VoIP provider, Vonage who we just wrapped up shooting on Friday in Toronto.

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