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Sneak Preview of PEER 1 ‘Growing Pains’ Episode 2

Here’s a sneak preview of PEER 1 Growing Pains, episode 2 – ‘A Walk in The Park’ of our humorous (now award-winning) short video series about web hosting. See Episode 1 here. Some time after being tossed out of the house, Todd and Janet try to mend fences over a nice walk in the park. All seems well and the moment feels right, or so Todd thinks….

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Microsoft Motivational Video… Cringe!

Microsoft takes the cringe factor to a whole new level. Check out this motivational video for their sales department to pump them up to sell Vista. Maybe there is some truth to those Apple MAC commercials after all


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BK Takes Whopper off the Menu, Customers Irate

Want to find out how passionate your customers are about your most popular product? Take it off the menu. Welcome to the Burger King ‘Whopper Freakout’. Thanks Lance for sharing this. Another brilliant example of a video gone viral.


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Getting IT with New Web Campaign

we get IT logoWe’ve officially announced our new “we get IT” campaign at PEER 1 through this press release today. My team and I designed this campaign as way of telling our customers’ business story, and how hosting has played a critical role in doing what they do. So far, we’ve launched three video stories: Plentyoffish.com (no.1 free online dating site), Vonage (leading broadband telephone provider) and Blast Radius (interactive design agency for fortune 500’s). This blends with my strong belief in making the customer the star, and allows us to keep the campaign as fresh as the individuals we profile. People are doing some very unique and innovative things online, so there is no shortage of content and intrigue. We’ve adopted a casual interview style with the segments hosted by former MTV VJ Brian Adler, who helps by injecting some humor and taking some of the mystery out of technology so that anyone can understand it. The other part of this campaign was a trial piece we launched on social media sites called “Growing Pains” which tells the story of a guy named Todd who brings home a server to start his own online business. “This is going to grow into something beautiful,” he exclaims. He’s right. Well, sort of. Things do grow… but just a little out of control. A fun (yet experimental) piece that we launched on October 19th and has since received over 34,000 views and over 500 entries into our free managed hosting contest. The next segment is in the works.


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Clever Video Shows Off Healthy Company Culture

My colleague, Lana at PEER 1 shared this with me. I think this is just great! If you can’t see your staff coming together or feeling comfortable enough to do something like this, it’s time to check your culture and get out of the 2oth century and into the new one. This is today’s picture of a healthy work environment. Good on you guys at Connected Ventures, love the song choice. I think recruiting issues are now the least of your concerns.

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Funny Video About Web Hosting

We’ve produced a PEER 1 short film/ad called “Growing Pains”. In this first episode called “Daddy’s Little Girl” the main character Todd bringing home a surprise to his girlfriend, Janet. “This is going to grow into something beautiful”, Todd exclaims. Watch below. If you like it, go ahead and share it, blog it, embed it. I welcome your comments too. Hope you like!


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Swear at Your Colleagues, It’s All Good

A professor at the University of East Anglia in the UK conducted a research on the impact of profanity in the workplace. He found that swearing under certain circumstances helped build moral, foster solidarity amongst employees, expressed frustration, and relieved stress. I knew my potty-mouth was intended for the betterment of mankind. Read the findings here. If not, go f#@k yourself.


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