ALS Sufferer Blogs About His Overseas Operation for Loved Ones Back Home


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My friend Lyle Merner at 38 years old was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It has left him with limited mobility as the disease has progressed through most of his limbs. This week, Lyle has gone to Beijing, China to undergo a surgery only available at an overseas hospital, Neuro-Regeneration, Repair and Functional Recovery. If successful, he may be able to slow down the progression of the disease and increase his life expectancy. He may even get some mobility back.

He has been able to update all his family and friends back home in Vancouver, Canada through his blog which we set up through prior to him leaving. He just went through his operation last night. When you go through all the comments, you realize just how powerful blogging can be. To be

able to stay connected with loved ones through the most trying of times, and receive their love and support in return is simply magical. Take a moment to review his journal entries here. He keeps a very good sense of humor throughout it all – an admiral trait from one of the strongest people I know. We’re pulling for you Lyle!

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