Second Microsoft Ad With Gates and Seinfeld

Here is the follow up ad (long version) to the first Gates Seinfeld Microsoft ad. Techcrunch isn’t impressed, and based on the comments I’ve received regarding the first ad, not many of you will be either. I found this one very much like a Seinfeld episode, so I enjoy the humor, but I do have to say that it isn’t getting to the point fast enough. This holds true with the shorter tv ad versions that I’ve seen.


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4 responses to “Second Microsoft Ad With Gates and Seinfeld

  1. Chris Hoskin

    I just don’t get the Microsoft Strategy with these ads. And boy, I find that as frustrating as the adverts!

    Chris from

  2. Hi Chris, the strategy I see them using is to try and change the conversation and cultural perception around Microsoft and Vista… which has been largely negative and out-of-touch. Although I find these first two ads actually entertaining (I definitely seem to be in the minority here), they need to get to the point quicker. Not everyone is a fan of Seinfeld humor as I am, which is largely how these ads are shaped and I can see how people would be frustrated by them. In contrast, Apple’s MAC vs. PC campaign is quick, to the point and easy to understand.

  3. DecaturHeel

    Now, if only Vandelay Industries would hire Jerry to promote their latex products…THAT partnership would rock! “And you want to buy MY latex products.”

  4. OK, Microsoft is still working the image advertising while Apple is plugging away very effectively at the product advertising. I’ll give Microsoft credit, at least in this second installmen it is taking aim a very real image problem it suffers from which is that it is way too big and established to really care about or identify with everyday people and everyday problems (especially all the PC problems it is responsible for). Unfortunately, just saying “We really do care and we really do want to connect with everyday people” doesn’t it make it so. Releasing really good product that people really need and that solves more problems then it creates is a lot more effective than this midly funny but rather pointless, very expensive image advertising campaign….

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